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Since Google Reader closed up, many users of RSS have had to migrate to other services to be able to continue using an application that keeps them up to date on their various feeds.

Royal Read RSS is a syndicated RSS and XML news reader that allows you to import your feeds from Google Reader so that you don't have to waste time finding and adding your favorite websites to a new service.

This tool exports the configuration of the reader, extracting a file in XML format that you just need to drag and drop into Royal Read RSS so that it can rebuild your subscriptions.

Now, if you want to add new feeds, you just need to drag and drop the RSS or XML icon from any website to the application, and it will be automatically added to your new reader. Another way to do this is by simply adding the website's URL to the program and pressing 'Add URL'.

One thing that makes this tool stand out is that it will display a notification with the title of each new post, so that you can be the first among your friends to see breaking news as it's published.

You also have the option of personalizing how often Royal Read RSS updates your feeds, from once a minute to once a day.
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